Monday, June 11, 2012


Sure, I lost several roses due to flooding from stupid Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee.  But, there are many which survived.  Here are some of the roses that are currently blooming in my garden.

Constance Spry, Alchymyst, Paul's Himalayan Musk
Rugosas:  Theres Bugnet, Rubra, Alba
Konigen Von Danemark, Eglantine (leaves smell like green apples!), Mary
Willliam Baffin, unknown, Salet

The apothecary rose hasn't opened yet and there are a few others who will bloom within a few days/weeks.  I do so love roses!


Marie Alton said...

Hi Betty ... lovely to see some stuff blooming so spectacularly for you ... in the wake of the hurricane's grief!

Did I read that right ... that you got some rose stock from here? ... that's so cool! We are sooo connected ... in more ways than we knew! Was it Vandermeers by chance? I worked there for one season ... and it was so fun ... like a kid playing in dirt.

Hugs ... Marie

Betty said...

Hi Marie! I used some of the Hearts for Betty monies you so generously raised to buy a few replacements from Pickering Nursery. Those were just planted, so haven't bloomed yet. I expect wondrous things next year!