Thursday, April 13, 2023

 My quilt guild issued a color challenge this year. Make a block each month in the color revealed at the meeting.  Instead of just making, say, an orange block, I used the color wheel to work with the challenge color.  I decided to make crazy quilted hearts.

One month, the color was orange.  Using an analogous color scheme, I created this:

Analogous means the colors are next to each other on a color wheel.  To one side of orange is red-orange; on the other side is yellow-orange.

The next month the color was light blue.  Using a triadic color scheme, where three colors are evenly spaced around the color wheel, I created this heart:

Instead of light blue, I used light blue-green with light red-violet and light yellow-orange (peach).

The next color was yellow and I decided to go monochromatic. That’s using the hue, tint and shade of yellow.

Next color was purple, or as it’s known on the color wheel, violet.  A split-complementary scheme was used.  A complementary color would be directly across from the main color, like red & green or blue & orange; classic color combos.  To split the complementary means to use the color on either side of the complementary color.  Purple has a complement of yellow,  instead of yellow, I used yellow-orange and yellow-green.

Next was dark green.  Green is made by mixing blue and yellow. I used blue-green fabrics and green fabrics and embellished with golden yellow.

Pink was next, which was not appealing to many guild members.  I love pink! Well, some pink.  I chose dusty pinks, which is pink that has been toned down (gray has been added). I decided to use ecru, which is a “dusty”

Red was up next.  I used primary colors (red, yellow, blue).  Well, shades of primary colors (shades are achieved by adding black).

Dark blue was next (dark blue is a shade of blue) and I chose shades of analogous colors blue-violet and blue-green.

The final color was light green.  I went with tints of split complementary colors red-violet and red-orange ( what I call deep peach).

Now, to decide how to put them together! The black squares that the hearts are sewn onto will finish to 8”.