Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quilt Barn Trail Comes to Schoharie County

 A quilt barn trail is a series of barns showcasing quilt blocks.  The quilt blocks are painted on 8' x 8' wood and attached to a barn.  The idea is to pay homage to both barns and quilts.  Ginny Schaum, quilter supreme, decided it was high time Schoharie County became involved in this movement.  She enlisted me, Betty Pillsbury, and Sharon Aitchison to help out.

It was decided that I would make the first quilt block.  Of course, I chose to do a crazy quilt block!  I have a nice collection of Victorian era booklets which have line drawings of crazy quilt blocks.  In fact, I have put them together into a booklet that I sell.  Here's one below.

Many years ago, I stitched this block.  And this is how it turned out:

This is the design I will be using for my barn quilt.  I will prime the wood and block off the patches.  Members of the Schoharie Valley Quilt Guild (of which I am a member) will come up and paint.  Then, I'll go back and add the seam treatments and floral motifs.  I hope it translates to wood and paint as well as it has to fabric and thread!  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Faux Pearls pattern can now be found on   Look under the embroidery patterns category.  It is 33 pages of photos and instructions for pearl seam work and motifs that add an elegant touch to crazy quilting or other embroidery projects!!  You can also buy this from Maureen Greeson at   You can also buy the pearls from Maureen! 

Best Stitches,

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Starting Wednesday, June 13, I'll be teaching another on-line class, Three Antique Motifs.  Go to to sign up.  You will learn to make goldenrod with silk chenille thread, fashion a pansy out of silk dupioni and create a velvet painter's palette with a wired ribbon flower. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

I am honored that Di van Niekerk, embroiderer extraordinaire, author and businesswoman, has featured my needlework on her blog today!  Di does such breathtaking work.  If you have not perused her website, now is the time.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fairies, Full Moon and Lily of the Valley

"Pink choral bells upon a slender stalk
Lilies-of-the-valley line my garden walk
Oh, don't you wish that you could hear them ring?
That will happen only when the fairies sing!"
  Under last night's full moon, I heard the fairy chorus and wee bells ringing!
Here's a piece I did for a friend's baby, Lily.  I used lucite beads for the lily of the valley, with a crystal in the center.