Thursday, August 25, 2016

Have you ever added beads to a crazy quilt and realized you used a wrong color or something happened to the bead and you wanted to replace it?  On my latest project I was using acrylic pearls for a motif.  After the motif was finished, I ironed it carefully.  Or, so I thought!  The tip of the iron came into contact with one of the "pearls" and melted it.  I'm using the end of a scissors to indicate the offender.

Using a needle-nose pliers to grip and then break the pearl.  Squeeeeeeze until the pearl breaks apart.

The pearl is gone, but the thread that previously sewed it on is still there.  Leave it there.  You will sew a new pearl over this space.

The motif all better!  This technique will work for glass beads as well.