Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Crazy Quilt and Roses

This is my award-winning crazy quilt, "Crazy Diamonds" in my garden.  That's an Apothecary Rose to the left.  Apothecary roses date back to at least the 14th century and are one of the variety of roses I use in some of my herbal products.  It has a deep fragrance.  The crazy quilt I stitched completely by hand.  All the piecing, embroidery, painting and embellishments (even the sashing) was done by hand. 


Arlene White said...

Do we get to see more of it, would love to see some of the details on it. Great work, well done, looks fantastic.


Betty said...

Thank you Arlene. There are several pictures of it in old posts. I'll put up a few close ups though.

Renee said...

This is stunningly beautiful! I had to show it to my husband, who usually indulges me with my, "Honey look at this!" However, his response to this was genuine, "Wow. That's pretty." I'm sure I'll be back to "visit" your quilt, it is just lovely.


Moonlight Miyu said...

How beautiful! I am just learning quilting, and my first piece will be all by hand. That quilt is just gorgeous, I love how you truly brought out the lush fabrics! Your photo just makes me want to curl up in a garden with a good book, cup of tea, and a nice quilt :)