Monday, March 25, 2013

"Wild Garden of My Heart"

Finished~!!  I am quite impatient for spring to arrive here in the northern Catskill Mountains.  Still several inches of snow on the ground, it's 38 degrees and the winds are howling.  But, this piece is most definitely spring like.  It's not crazy pieced...I used a packet of Pomegranate Bali Batik squares as the background.  I then cascaded a rose-bronze lace and wired ribbon, added some vintage lace motifs, lots of beads, embroidery and silk ribbon.  I quilted just a bit of the background.  Then, I bound it with a velvet ribbon.  Note the green man (or two), dragonflies, butterflies and fairies.  Yup, 'tis truly the wild garden of my heart.

1 comment:

Lady Locust said...

What a beautiful block. I am anxious for spring as well!
Happy Tuesday.