Monday, January 9, 2012

Crazy Quilt Sneakers and iPhone case!

Yes, I am easily amused! Just got my custom printed Keds today. I created them with photos of one of my crazy quilts. I am impressed at how they turned out.

A few weeks ago, I ordered a case for my iPhone and used one of my crazy quilt blocks for the graphic. It turned out fabulously! Now, what else can I get my crazy quilts printed on?...


Arlene White said...

Ok Betty please share the site where you got these wonderful items from.


Comfrey Cottages said...

too cute Betty:) xx

Marie Alton said...

This is way cool! Sneakers & a cell phone case with your own creations featured! Love them!

PS ... can you e-mail me private?
Have something I want to ask you.

Thanks ... Marie

Sandy said...

Betty, which case is that for your iPhone? I'd love to do something similar with one of my quilts! I wish I were as talented as you — crazy quilting is so beautiful, and I'm really awful at it. :S