Friday, June 10, 2011


The rugosa roses are abundant this year! Here's a pic of my granddaughter, Salena, helping me pick roses in the garden. We'll be making rose petal jelly, rose petal syrup, rose petal glycerite and rose petal vinegar. Perhaps a rose petal and rhubarb tart too! Roses are good medicine and food. Make sure you use organically grown roses.

I finally finished this crazy quilt wall hanging! The center portion has been done for some time. It's a combination of embroidery, beading and wired ribbon flowers. The borders are crazy quilted and include all sorts of embroidery techniques. All embroidery is by hand, of course!

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Cathy said...

Your wallhanging is drop dead gorgeous. Are you sure you wouldn’t like to adopt a sister?!? LOL. Rhubarb and roses? I was so proud because I just made my rhubarb and strawberry compote from the garden. Would you believe the first of our roses are just TODAY opening up?? It’s been a very cool, wet spring. Big hugs, Cathy