Friday, February 4, 2011

Heirloom Love Letters

Brent (one of The Fabulous Beekman Boys) asked me to design and stitch a Valentine. I came up with this, which Brent calls an Heirloom Love Letter.
One the reverse is fabric upon which you can write your romantic sentiments and then send it through the mail to your loved one. It even includes a Beekman postage stamp! Go to the link above to order one for your sweetheart.

While on the Beekman 1802 site, check out the Seasonal Lady Pillows I stitch for them. My husband, Dan, and I also create the Four Seasons candles and Milk Baths. Soon, you will be able to purchase a few other products we make in the Four Seasons scents on the Beekman 1802 page.

To order our other herbal, handmade products, go to GreenSpiralHerbs.

Brent and Josh love supporting local artists (we live in the same county as the Boys). Our son, Ryan Pillsbury and his business partner, DareRick Krufchinski, own Legacy Woodcraft. They make the Garden Hods, candle boxes, soap boxes and various other wooden products for Beekman 1802.

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