Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow, snow, snow

Monday was a lovely day. It finally was above freezing and the sun actually shone in the morning. We based at 38 degrees. It started snowing on Tuesday. By Wednesday, we had nearly 2 feet of snow (on top of what was already on the ground). A new storm came through Thursday - although we couldn't tell the difference between storm 1 and storm 2. By Friday morning, we had 5 feet of snow. Heavy, wet snow! And it is still snowing. They say another foot by tomorrow morning.

Remember, my poor husband had that terrible accident with the table saw and lost part of two fingers and mangled a third finger badly. He is unable to use his left hand for now. Besides, the snow is so moisture-laden and heavy, a snowblower wouldn't go through. So, out came the Kubota, which he can operate with right hand only. Then, my son, Zach, (Thanks Kid!!) used the snowblower to get the close up work. You can see the blueness in snow, which is indicative of the moisture.
This is the back of the house. I had to walk up the road a bit to get this shot. We have a standing seam steel roof that's just 1 1/2 years old. Thank goodness. The snow slides off and the weight doesn't build up on the roof. Here you can see how the snow has slid off and it has snowed so much, that our kitchen windows are completely covered. The snow can't slide any more.

Here's what our driveway looked like this morning. Those are 7 foot banks. You can see the bump on the left and the bump on the right, our vehicles.

There is a serene beauty about winter and snow. It's majestic and awe-inspiring - as long as you don't have to drive in it. And the quiet that settles over the land after a fresh snowfall is magical. But, I am sorta Jonesing for spring and something green!


fainne said...

The snow is beautiful and magical, but I will be glad for spring and to start my first garden of my own.
I love your quilt I sew but have never quilted. Yours are amazing.
Do you sell your stuff only on line or do you have a store. I bought tea from you once but it has long been gone and it was sooo

Betty said...

You can always call and swing by our house to pick up some tea. So glad you enjoyed it!