Friday, February 20, 2009

Desperately Seeking Herbs

Okay, I'm an herb fanatic. I never claimed otherwise. I have 6 types of comfrey. Dozens of thyme varieties. Several chives (regular, Grolau, garlic, mauve-flowered garlic, curly, dwarf, Profusion, Grande). I'm not obsessed, I'm thorough. Yeah, that's it. There are over 300 herbs in my gardens.

If anyone can tell me where to find or can actually supply me with two herb for which I have been searching, it would be greatly appreciated! The first is Chocolate Basil. Basil, not chocolate mint. The quest for this plant has been going for a couple years. It was mentioned in a forum that someone saw it in the Missouri Botanic Gardens. Emails to the MBG led to possibly they got it from Richter's. Richter's says, nope, not them.

The other herb I am searching for is Curly Sage. Salvia officinalis 'Curly'. Not clary sage. Apparently, it is offered by a wholesale nursery on the west coast. Emails to them as to which retail nursery carries it have gone unanswered. I have a friend in Washington state who is on the lookout for me. Again, if you definitely know of a place that has it, please let me know!

Many thanks.

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