Thursday, January 22, 2009

Arnica Oil

This morning on Good Morning America, Dr. Oz (who appears regularly on Oprah) was touting the virtues of arnica oil for back aches. He is absolutely right! Not only is it wonderful for muscle aches, it is the best thing we know of to lessen bruises. Just rub a small amount of the oil on the ache or the bruise and feel the relief. We grow arnica and make our own oil and salve from it. We grow organically, so we know our herb is good! We have so many repeat customers not only because of our high quality, but because our prices are about half of what other high-quality makers charge! Our St. John's wort oil for nerve pain and Calendula oil for skin rashes are also dynamic healers. And, if you have cracked, winter skin, consider our Healing Comfort Salve with comfrey and calendula. All these products are made with herbs from our gardens. So, check out our website at and click on the shopping link. You will find so much herbal goodness there!


Anonymous said...

Excellent blog post!

allie aller said...

I have a friend with bad sciatica pain in her leg. Would the St. John's oil be good for that?

Betty said...

Allie, St. John's wort oil is excellent for sciatic pain. My husband (and many others) uses it to great relief. We've also had many people tell us our St. John's oil also helps with their diabetic neuropathy.