Monday, June 23, 2008

On Crazy Quilts and Roses

I'm stitching a piece for this year's Hoffman Challenge. The featured fabric is the peacock fabric. The deadline is one month away! But, this wall hanging is EXTENSIVELY hand stitched and embellished. It's slow work, but good work! The central peacock I stitched with silk embroidery floss (Pearsall's silk).

When the garden is this beautiful, it's difficult being inside working on a project. Right now, the roses are really starting to bloom and the air is perfumed richly. This is Apothecary Rose (Rosa gallica) and is an ancient rose that was used in official pharmaceutical preparations. I make Rose Petal Jelly and Jam, vinegar, tincture, glycerite, crystallized rose petals, rose butter, rose couscous, and anything else I can think of that incorporates roses!

This rose is Constance Spry. She's a beauty and highly prolific.
This is William Baffin, one of the Canadian Explorer Roses, which means it is exceptionally hardy and does extremely well for us in Zone 5.
We have many, many other roses and Paul's Himalayan musk is enchanting us with its scent. How can such a diminutive rose have such a huge olfactory impact?
Today's chores included making cider/sage jelly, Healing Comfort salves, planting more carrots, beets and various herbs as well as stitching. It's a good life.


allie aller said...

....a very good life indeed it is!
It is so great to see what you are working on in crazy quilting, too.
I hope you take that Hoffman Challenge by storm!

Tina Sams said...

Tag - you're it!
There are 5 questions on my blog: for you to answer here, and then tag a few of your blog pals.

LouAnne said...

Betty: Where EVER did you find those cute little silver peacocks? I've never seen anything like that before. Your piece is wonderful and well-deserves everything that is involved with being Honorable Mentioned by the challenge. hugs, Auntie Lou

Betty said...

Can't remember where I found them...maybe on