Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar eclipse

The moon was captivating last night. It was a chilly 7 degrees, so I kept running in and out to check on the progress. The sky was completely clear and we live way out in the boonies, so the intensity of the light from the moon and stars is magnificent. Before the grand celestial event, the moon was so bright, shadows were being cast all over the garden. The start of the eclipse brought a lavender veil across the moon’s face, but as time progressed, a smoky red coursed across the moon. The brightness of the unveiled portion contrasted beautifully with the shadow and my husband remarked it seemed like the bright portion was larger than the shadowed portion. Like an acorn with its cap we decided. How shocking that the night had turned so dark after the grand illumination of just an hour earlier. No wonder eclipses are considered so magical.

This is a picture of "Moondance". I made this many years ago, but thought it would be nice to show after the lunar eclipse. I do have to say that my garden certainly wasn't in bloom last night!

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Terri Lee Takacs said...

Betty I was so surprised to read your post! The other night I was awoken to the most brillant light of the moon! It was if a bright light was shining into my skylight!I melted into my sheets as I was covered like a warm blanket by the brighteset moonlight I have ever seen!