Monday, December 31, 2007

Winter Wonderland

I’m imagining the Winter Queen made a journey through my neck of the woods last night. As her snow white swans silently pulled her silver chariot throughout the realm, a blanket of white descended to cover the earth. Can I be sure that what I see falling from the sky is snow? Perhaps the sparkles are fairies cascading through the still air to land gently upon the frozen ground. Are the little creatures looking for a winter residence within the spruce branches? Or under the rhododendron foliage? I espy a softly rounded shape in the snow. I don’t recall a rock or outcropping there before the snows fell. Surely, a fairy mound! The soft tinkling of bells compels me to look closer. I’m mindful of the stories of humans unable to return from the fairy realm. Am I ready for that experience?

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