Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Necklace for Business Cards

Discussion on a list turned toward what you can make with crazy quilting that wasn't a quilt. I've made lampshades, vests, jackets, ties, runners, box covers, etuis, pillows, purses, tote bags, book covers, wall hangings, Christmas tree skirts, Christmas ornaments and an angel tree topper. And lots of other things. I made this necklace to hold business cards in the mid to late 90s. It's been through a lot of wear, as you can see by the missing beads on the right hand side of the fringe at the bottom. It's just large enough so I can fit a few business cards in it. If I am teaching at a hotel conference, the room key can slip into it as well. I knew someone who made them a little squarer and called them "Prom purses". You could fit a condom package into the Prom Purse! Fill yours with what is most useful.


allie aller said...

Love that beaded fringe at the bottom.

Amy Munson said...

In my college days I made some small flat purses and called them bar purses, big enough for your ID, lipstick and a few bucks for a beer and not be in the way while one socialized.
Your card holder is great.